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This is the beautiful country I live in and here are some images
I scanned of it to give you an idea of what's its like!

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Fathe Child  photo taken by me father and daughter( Brandon's Bay.)

lunchclub Picture taken at The Lunch Club at the Pottery House, they have great pottery.

Mullingsbay  Picture of Mulling s Bay, West Cost.      

pass  Driving along on the roads in the Island,you sometimes find coral tree passages which are especially beautiful.

                                 Brighthton Beach sunset the water is very calm all the time on this beach, it is situated very close to Bridgetown our capitol and close to the deep water harbor.

This an aerial photograph of Barbados, taken from a plane as it
                                          approaches Grantley Adams Airport.

THinBr  Bridgetown houses.


By air
                                        Barbados by air ,aproach  to Grantly Adams Airport.

upbtownBridgetown. The upper part of the main shopping area.

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