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This is the beautiful country I live in and here are some images
I scanned of it to give you an idea of what's its like!
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A Sunset I took a little while ago. It was a wonderful evening, a lovely sunset, this is what it looked like at the top of the ridge.

A picture of a colorful bouquet of flowers in the church on St Patrick's day.

Another picture of St.Patricks Cathedral, on a feast day.

Sunset a few minutes later. This is the same sunset as above but from a little below the hill, overlooking the sea.

This is one of my pictures that my husband took of one of
                                     Barbados' sunsets. Beautiful isn't it?

This an aerial photograph of Barbados, taken from a plane as it
                                          approaches Grantley Adams Airport.

This a composite photo of Barbados' coral reef and its

This is Harrison's Cave, a lovely tourist attraction in Barbados.

This a beach on the east side of Barbados.

This our capital, Bridgetown, its very small by western standards.
                                        No New York city!

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